Weight-Loss Programs

Over One Million Dieters Nationwide Have Chosen HMR® to Lose Weight and Improve Their Health.

We can help you too with either our In Clinic or HMR at Home diet options.


Quick Start®:

Start losing weight right away! All HMR diet plans are designed to help you start losing weight right away. Seeing the number on the scale go down consistently week after week, can be incredibly motivating! This can give you even more reasons to stay on your plan longer



In Clinic Program:

We have an extremely successful program. People on average lose more weight in our program then any other program out there. We have helped patients lose from 20 to over 200 pounds and most importantly, we helped them maintain that weight loss. If you are seeking a structured program that will support you with your weight loss our in clinic option is the leading way to achieve your goals.  Our in clinic diets include:

The HMR Decision Free Diet®: HMR®’s premier program for people with 40 pounds or more to lose. Lots of structure and support. No decisions. Meal Replacements only. Rapid weight loss. Medical supervision is provided.

The HMR Healthy Solutions Diet®: The Healthy Solutions® diet is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve significant weight loss without the need for medical supervision. Healthy Solutions® offers variety and volume through the use of meal replacements and fruits and vegetables while maintaining the structure, support and accountability of the HMR decision-free diet®.

Average weight loss is 50-60 pounds for the Decision-Free Diet Program and 35-40 pounds for the Healthy Solutions Program. (HMR data from selected programs published or presented at medical conferences.)



HMR at Home:

The HMR at Home® Program is self directed and makes losing weight easy and convenient with automatic food delivery, personalized support, and extra savings – so you can save more money and lose more weight. Everything you need to lose weight will be delivered right to your front door. Free initial support call is included to get you off to a Quick Start® with your weight loss.

HMR at Home® members receive:

  • Great savings on HMR Healthy Solutions Quick Start® Diet Kits
  • Automatic food delivery every 2 weeks for uninterrupted weight loss
  • Detailed, step-by-step dieting “how-to” materials with your first Kit order
  • Free Quick Start CD to help you lose the most weight in the first few weeks
  • Free customer service calls to answer any questions at any point during your diet


Please call us to schedule a free, no obligation information session to learn about each program in more detail. We want to ensure that you have all the information so that you can make an informed decision on which program is best for your weight loss and health needs:


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