A Clear Treatment Plan for Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases

HMR®  is the leading provider of weight-loss treatment services to the medical community with proven outcomes for medically-complex obese patients with comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension – 75% of healthcare spending is due to these comorbidities. Published research shows HMR produces the best in-field outcomes for weight loss, weight maintenance, health risk reduction, and cost savings, compared to any other ongoing treatment program. Our clinic is a licensed provider of the HMR® Program , with an established record of success.

Help for Your Most Challenging Patients

10% of patients account for nearly two thirds of healthcare costs with a significant percentage of those costs linked to obesity and its’ comorbid conditions. Helping patients lose weight and learn to make permanent healthy lifestyle changes will lower their risk for chronic disease and significantly reduce healthcare costs. As the experts in healthy lifestyle change…that’s where we can help. The HMR Program offers a comprehensive diet and lifestyle change program resulting in documented health improvements leading to healthcare savings. Preferred Provider discount for your patients.
HMR is the most economical diet program available per pound of weight loss, with 2-3 times more weight lost than any other commercial diet program. Plus, when you use us as your preferred provider, your patients will receive a “preferred provider discount” off their enrollment fee, making the program even more affordable to your patients.

Data for 1,670 dieters in HMR Programs across the country show an average of 16.4% of initial body weight being kept off over an average 3.5 years—representing time both in and out of the program.

Measure                                                  Initial                            Follow-up                                   Change
Weight                                                       240                                       200                                             — 40 lbs.
total cholesterol/hdl                               3.74                                      3.3                                               — 11.8%
triglycerides                                             147                                        117                                             — 20.4%
systolic Blood Pressure                         127                                        121                                           — 6 mmHg
diastolic Blood Pressure                       78                                          73                                              — 5 mmHg
Fasting Blood glucose                          105                                         97                                               — 7.6%

Medical changes occurred in addition to substantial decreases and/or elimination of medication.

Dramatic Results for Patients with Diabetes

(Data published or presented at medical conferences)

Participants with type 2 diabetes lost an average of 45.9 lbs. in 12 weeks, decreased medication usage, and improved fasting blood glucose and HbA1c.
• Patients with type 2 diabetes lost an average of 18% of their body weight over a 21-week period.
• 73% of patients who lost >100 lbs. came off all their diabetes medications.
• 259 pre-diabetic HMR patients followed over an average of 3.2 years maintained an average 48 lb. weight loss. Only 1% were on diabetes medication at follow-up.

Medical Cost Savings

  • Over $1,400 in medication cost savings in the first year with even greater savings in subsequent years.
  • $11,800 on medical costs saved over 7 years compared to matched controls.
  • 73% of patients who lost >100 lbs. came off all their diabetes medications.
  • Dieters saved an estimated $29 each week on their food bill.

Published Studies Available


Dr. Julie was overweight, her clothes didn’t fit, and she didn’t feel good about herself. Originally looking at Healthy Solutions at Home as an option for her patients, she went on the program herself and lost 35 lbs. She is now “passionate” about recommending the program to others. Since losing the weight, Dr. Julie has become the Medical Director of an on-site HMR Program where she works.


HMR® can help your population lose weight, while learning life long lifestyle changes that are necessary for reducing medical risk factors and maintenance of weight losses.